April 14, 2014


At Aeon Analytics, LLC we have more than 25 years experience in designing and building things. We work with imaginations – ours and yours – to make the most unimaginable ideas a reality.

We have an experienced team of leaders with mechanical and physicist backgrounds. We use our hands, tools, computers, and screens – whatever it takes to  produce your project both virtually and in reality.

Five axis multiaxis operationsOur Specialties

  • Rendering & Animations
  • Technical Publications and Work Instructions
  • Concept Generation
  • Industrial Design
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Toolpathing

What We Do

We are a full-service design studio that works in diverse industries. We use SolidWorks™ and Fusion 360™ in our design/conceptual layouts which are 3D mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) programs – used by millions of engineers, inventors and designers alike around the world.

We adapt our process to your needs and will deliver what is required to get the job done.

There are specific areas where we have developed particular expertise, such as:

  • DFM
  • Plastics, Die-Cast, and Molding
  • Computer lifelike renderings and animations with Keyshot™
  • Plastic Resins & Moldflow™
  • Toolpathing with HSMWorks
  • 2D & 3D Work up to 5+axis
  • Shop floor docs using SolidWorks Composer ™

Our Commitment

At Aeon Analytics, LLC we place as much emphasis on customer services as we do on creativity, inventiveness and quality. We are always responsive to client needs and we work hard to keep you involved in the entire process. We deliver our projects on time and on budget so you can plan with confidence.

We also know the importance of confidentiality. We have stringent rules in place to ensure your ideas and intellectual property are protected.

We love working with new people and, we relish fun and rewarding experiences!

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