For Kids Only: Ironman Reactor 3D Printout

From Napkin Sketch to 3D Printed Object! Last year, a client brought me a project he sketched out on a napkin for an event in which his daughter needed a costume. We worked together from his design idea, preferred colors and files to make  a customized Ironman reactor harness. For the finish, my client used Read more about For Kids Only: Ironman Reactor 3D Printout[…]

Delete Face: Use It or Lose It?

Three Different Parts of the Delete Face Feature in Solidworks: The Three-headed Monster

  1. solidworksdeleteface1Delete Face, (*which leaves an open wound – turns it from a solid to a surface)
  2. Delete and “Patch”.  For example, when using Delete and Patch in a radius situation (my go-to command) it takes the surrounding two surfaces that are being deleted (around the fillet) and extends these surfaces – trims, knits them and maintains the solid model integrity; turning them into a sharp corner. All-in-one command. (See Exhibit 1, right).


Do the Young Minds Have It?

It started back in the ’80s. “What are you going to do after high school?” then the big one: “Where are you going to college?” It was beaten into my head, my kids’ heads, and anyone I know in my age group that has college-aged kids that they MUST go to college. A degree path is the only way to land a high price, successful career–ever.


Easy Windows Shortcuts in Solidworks

Scale Details with Microsoft Windows Commands in Solidworks

Let’s just say for argument’s sake that you have a drawing with multiple sheets. On one of those drawing you have your standard 3 views with an isometric thrown in for good measure. Your running out of room and have a few, only 3 detail views that you have decided to put on another sheet. […]

Extend or Untrim Feature in Solidworks

Reduce Overhead & Improve Efficiency using the Extend & Untrim Feature in SolidWorks

As a user, I often ask what little things can I do on a daily basis to improve short and long-term goals? Let’s list them out first to find helpful ways to meet the objectives:

  • > Get this project complete.
  • > Move onto the next project.
  • > Reduce overhead (SolidWorks documents).
  • > Make all things (me, my team) more efficient.