What Fuel Drives You?

coffee-cup-working-happyBack to life. Back to reality.

But back to reality or at least your version of it. But what can you actually make with your hands?

We need everyone. Welders, machinists, and designers – ones that know mechanics and have an eye for it. We need those who enjoy learning, and who have a keen eye. We need people who are efficient, who love to solve problems and possess vision.

We need a society of makers to provide for those who do not.

Take what you know, apply it, and then pass it on. Collaborate on projects. Feed off each other. Make your colleagues think harder than they want to.

Caffeine formula = C8H10N4O2.

Together they have shown me how the chemical compound Caffeine becomes caffeine. It’s a simple 4 or 5 step process, I’m not sure. But when it’s done. It will be right. Because they made it and they care. They touched it. They built it.

They are “Makers”.

This blog is dedicated For Young Minds.


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