Delete Face: Use It or Lose It?

Three Different Parts of the Delete Face Feature in Solidworks: The Three-headed Monster

  1. solidworksdeleteface1Delete Face, (*which leaves an open wound – turns it from a solid to a surface)
  2. Delete and “Patch”.  For example, when using Delete and Patch in a radius situation (my go-to command) it takes the surrounding two surfaces that are being deleted (around the fillet) and extends these surfaces – trims, knits them and maintains the solid model integrity; turning them into a sharp corner. All-in-one command. (See Exhibit 1, right).

3) Delete and Fill: takes the surfaces that’s bounding the delete command – a filled surface, and creates a filled surface with either contact or tangency conditions to all surface edges that it was previously deleted from.

Every face inside Solidworks has an identification number associated with it. Meanwhile, if you change something at the top of the feature tree, consequently you’ll change the Delete Face ID. (All Solidworks entities have a unique to identifier.) And when you change the Face ID, the Delete Face command will then lose “its mind”, becoming unstable and unable to pick up the new one. The command does not have the capacity to pick up the new ID. Also, when you go into edit the Delete Face command to find it, there is no recollection of what the face ever was. You don’t even get a phantom like the mysterious missing edge that we have all encountered before.

picture2fig2How to Use Round Trip to Save You Time

Using a different–and equally as effective workflow–can be long and arduous but is a more stable option. But in a time crunch, you must know what the limitations are. Round Tripping is the process of saving your model as a parasolid and then pulls it back in–thus removing the feature tree. Those of us that do a lot of clean up modeling are very familiar with this process. The “hack and slash” method as some of us refer to it. The Round Trip method is only used in particular situations. It lightens up the model, however you lose the feature history.

The whole point of getting things done is to fulfill a deadline. We use whatever tools to make our lives easier and keep on task. Delete Face and correct File Management Tools are a lifesaver in the modern day workflow.

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