Not so New Trends in CAD

After reading a recent blog from, titled: Siemens Solid Edge and the Six Big Trends in CAD that discussed the future of CAD implementation with engineering teams and those who are evaluating a new CAD platform, I found that the following order of the “not so new” CAD trends to be more like this: 

  • – Subscription Licensing – needs to happen because nobody wants to spend $5,000 up front for a product they most likely can use for free.
  • – CAD in the Cloud & Mobility – either a hybrid or full browser edition. Gone are the days of work stations.
  • – Concept Design – faster, better and much more collaborative. Every kind of tool that we have now is extremely painstaking.
  • – Internet of Things (IoT) functionality – this is essential because it will improve quality of life.
  • – Industry Consolidation – how can this happen? Corporations are way too greedy.

What do you think about some of these new trends? Drop us a line below in the comments area.

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