Easy Windows Shortcuts in Solidworks

Scale Details with Microsoft Windows Commands in Solidworks

Let’s just say for argument’s sake that you have a drawing with multiple sheets. On one of those drawing you have your standard 3 views with an isometric thrown in for good measure. Your running out of room and have a few, only 3 detail views that you have decided to put on another sheet. Select the “add sheet” menu item and now use your Windows commands that’ll do the rest.

Below I am going to take a minute to review some of the standard Windows commands to apply inside SolidWorks as well as all of the other Windows programs that is used on a daily basis (Word, Excel, Outlook— just to name a few).

  • Ctrl + C = Copy
  • Ctrl + V = Paste
  • Ctrl + X = Cut
  • Ctrl + Z = Undo (a personal favorite)
  • Ctrl + Click (LMB=Left Mouse Button) = Group Select

Back to the task at hand.

  • Next, Group Select the detail views.
Subwoofer drawing using Solidworks program

Subwoofer drawing using Solidworks by Todd Werginz.

  • Confirm the delete box. Technically it is not correct; there is a Service Performance Request (SPR) out there for it but that’s another issue.

win post 2

  • Insert a new sheet.

pic 3












pic 4

  • And on the new sheet, click and select Ctrl + V. Now if you use the group select command for the 3 views, the property manager will come up and give you the ability to change the view scale for all the views simultaneously. Then you do not have to go to each view and change the scale independently.

pic 5

Learning the shortcuts in SolidWorks makes us a more efficient Windows user. Time is money!

Take a look at these handy shortcut commands on the SolidWorks site




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