Three types of 3D printing technologies

3D Printing has become a staple of my everyday work routine to help with prototypes for the design I am working with. Each time I want to fondle an iteration, I hit print. Need some parts in quantity? I hit print for each set of cavities. Need a quick fixture to aid in inspection or finishing? Read more about Three types of 3D printing technologies[…]

For Kids Only: Ironman Reactor 3D Printout

From Napkin Sketch to 3D Printed Object! Last year, a client brought me a project he sketched out on a napkin for an event in which his daughter needed a costume. We worked together from his design idea, preferred colors and files to make  a customized Ironman reactor harness. For the finish, my client used Read more about For Kids Only: Ironman Reactor 3D Printout[…]

3D Printing: Design without Limitations

Have you seen some of the recent news articles about physicians and medical practitioners using 3D scans to clone a structure during a heart transplant or reconstructive surgery? Maybe you’ve seen some of the large automobile manufacturers using 3D printing to help speed up production times and explore new frontiers in automotive design. Engineers are now able to expand their designs and feeling free to design without limits! 3D scanning and 3D printing is now being used to create models of human bones, organs, medical devices, personalized prosthetics and human tissues. […]