Delete Face: Use It or Lose It?

Three Different Parts of the Delete Face Feature in Solidworks: The Three-headed Monster

  1. solidworksdeleteface1Delete Face, (*which leaves an open wound – turns it from a solid to a surface)
  2. Delete and “Patch”.  For example, when using Delete and Patch in a radius situation (my go-to command) it takes the surrounding two surfaces that are being deleted (around the fillet) and extends these surfaces – trims, knits them and maintains the solid model integrity; turning them into a sharp corner. All-in-one command. (See Exhibit 1, right).


Easy Windows Shortcuts in Solidworks

Scale Details with Microsoft Windows Commands in Solidworks

Let’s just say for argument’s sake that you have a drawing with multiple sheets. On one of those drawing you have your standard 3 views with an isometric thrown in for good measure. Your running out of room and have a few, only 3 detail views that you have decided to put on another sheet. […]